The vocabulary related to angle relationships.


  • We will go over your flash cards and make sure that you have the correct word matched to the correct definition
  • We will take ten minutes to quiz your partner on the vocabulary words
  • We will go over a few problems so that you understand how to work Algebra problems related to Angle Relationships (ISN PAGE #8)
    • Find the measures of two supplementary angles if the difference in the measures of the two angles is 18
    • Find X and Y if line PR and line SQ are perpendicular (there is a picture in the PPT)
    • The measure of  the supplement of an angle is 40 more than two times the measure of the complement of the angle. Find the measure of the angle.
    • Angle 3 and Angle 4 form a linear pair. The measure of Angle 3 is four more than three times the measure of Angle 4. Find the measure of each angle.

ESE: K, G / ESOL: 9, 12, 38