This is Mrs. Croak, the Testing Coordinator at New Smyrna Beach High School. There are quite a few tests happening during the first semester of the school year. I wanted to take this opportunity to make sure you know about the testing website that is available. Go to, select academics and then standardized testing. You will find information about each test that is being offered, a district testing calendar, as well as a calendar that shows you every test and date being offered for the first semester.

I know there is some confusion regarding testing from last year. The Biology, Geometry and US History EOC’s were waived last year for students sitting in those classes. Grades were determined by classwork only and the 30% part of the EOC did not factor in. Students who took those classes prior to last year and did not take the EOC still have to take the EOC to receive a final grade in the class.

The FSA ELA that was to be given to 10th grade students last Spring will be given this year. This is a graduation requirement that must still be met. All 11th grade students will be expected to take this assessment October 26th through the 28th.

If a student was sitting in an Alg 1 class last year, they will be rostered to take the Algebra 1 EOC that is being given September 28th and 29th as the math graduation requirement must still be met. If your student doesn’t do well on the EOC, they can use a Geometry EOC passing score instead. In addition, a math SAT or ACT score can also be used as a concordant score. If your student was in an Alg 1 class last year, they will have an Algebra 1 refresher course on their Edgenuity dashboard. They can self-enroll in this class to practice. The Alg 1 EOC is given 4 times during the year, so your student will have ample opportunity to meet the math graduation requirement.

Please contact me at [email protected] or call me at 424-2555 ext 38585 if you have any questions or concerns about testing. I know it can seem a bit overwhelming at times, but I will do my best to ensure your student is provided every opportunity to participate in the appropriate testing administrations offered..

Thank you!

Deborah Croak


New Smyrna Beach High School (x38585)

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