2016-17 Volusia County Schools After Testing Guidelines

The Florida Standards Assessment manual allows for multiple different options after a student is

finished testing. For the 2016?17 school year, Volusia County Schools has selected Option C which

allows a student to read a book after they have reviewed their test. With this option, students

will hand in their test or click submit prior to reading a book. Once they do, they will not be

able to review or change their responses even if there is time available in the session. Below are

some guidelines to follow.

For paper?based assessments, the student will close their test book and raise their hand. Once the

test has been collected by the proctor then the student can get their book to read.

For computer?based assessments, students will click “End Session” and then raise their hand. Once

the ticket and worksheet has been collected by the proctor then the student can get their book to


• Students will not be allowed to write or use any computer or device after they have completed

their test.

• Students may only have one item (book, magazine, picture novel/comic book).

• This item may not be a textbook or accessible through an electronic device.

• This item may not have any notes/loose?leaf paper within it.

• This item must be under the student's chair/desk and be in plain, clear view by the test

administrator prior to distribution of testing materials to students.

• Students may not have within reach or have access to a backpack/purse to retrieve a reading item

once testing has begun.

• Once a student has accessed their reading item, they will no longer be able to retrieve a

collected testing document or request reopening of their submitted computer?based test.

• A student accessing their reading item, while still in possession of their testing documents

or actively logged into or in exited/paused status in the testing platform, will be cause for

immediate invalidation.