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Welcome to the 2018-19 school year at NSBH’s School of Performing and Visual Arts. We are a very active Visual Arts Department & have several opportunities for students to exhibit their original art. We have an exceptional Advanced Placement Studio Art program in all three disciplines. Our partnership with local art organizations, such as The Artists’ Workshop, ArtHaus, and Atlantic Center for the Arts, will provide a high-quality art education.

All school rules apply in my classroom. Please see the attached conduct agreement for details. Opportunities to utilize BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) will be at my discretion; all other times cell phones should be silent & out of sight. You have received a course syllabus which details grading policies; please read it carefully. I update my online gradebook weekly & encourage all students & parents to check it regularly.

Sculpture and Ceramics courses use an extensive amount of art supplies to provide each student with a hands-on, beyond the textbook, art making experience.  The art department prides itself in exhibiting student artwork throughout the community, county, state, & nation. Due to a continuing public education funding crisis in Volusia County Schools’ budget, we request the following donations to purchase your necessary art supplies:

  • Creating 3/D Art & Creating 2/D Art: $20/year
  • Ceramics I, II, Portfolio Development Honors: $40/year
  • Advanced Placement 3/D Studio Art $40/year


These funds will cover the cost of materials, tools, and equipment that enrich the educational experiences of our students.  By purchasing in bulk, along with special teacher discounts, I can provide you with the highest quality supplies for the best value. Your donation will include all major supplies for the course, plus a hardbound sketchbook! Personal checks can be made out to New Smyrna Beach High School.  You can also quickly pay the fee on our website, Please fill out the conduct agreement on the back of this letter and return to me tomorrow. Thank you for supporting the arts!


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Ms. Christine L. Colby, MFA

Sculpture and Ceramics Faculty

Student Artwork Examples