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English I and English I Honors


Teacher: Amy Turner                                                                                    Classroom: 6-228

E-mail: [email protected]                                                                   Phone: (386)424-2555          



Resources and materials needed for the class5 Subject Spiral Notebook for Interactive Student Notebook, notebook paper, blue or black pen, highlighter.


Course Description: English I is the study of language, literature, composition, and oral communication with a focus on exploring a wide-variety of genres and their elements. All students are expected to take an active part in the learning environment of the classroom. This means coming to class and being prepared to learn.


Course Objectives: Students will use literary interpretation, analysis, comparisons, and evaluation to read and respond to representative works of historical or cultural significance in classic and contemporary literature balanced with nonfiction. There will be instruction in creating clear, coherent, and organized paragraphs, and multi-paragraph essays, for a variety of audiences and purposes, as well as strengthening grammar and vocabulary skills.  Students will write short stories, responses to literature, expository and persuasive compositions. Students will present oral presentations and access, analyze, and evaluate online information. Parents and students, please feel free to contact me via e-mail with any questions or concerns.


Instructional Methods: We will use a wide variety of instructional methods in this class including lectures, discussions, audiovisuals, written responses, textbook, novels and non-fiction articles.


Classwork/Homework:  All work is due on the due date assigned. Late assignments will be deducted 10 points for every day up to three days. After three days, no late work will be accepted.  If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, and the assignment has been previously assigned, you must turn in the work on the day of your return. No Excuses.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see the teacher and request all missed assignments. Check the “While you were out” box!



Tests – Tests are always announced in advance. Students must arrange for a time to make up missed tests on their first day of return from an absence. Failure to make up a test will result in a zero for the assignment.

Course Policies:

  1. 1.        Be on time to class and be in my seat when bell rings.
  2. 2.      Bring all books and materials to class every day.
  3. 3.      NOT use my cell phone w/out permission and will NOT to ANY personal grooming during class.
  4. 4.     Raise my hand for permission to speak of leave my seat.
  5. 5.      Be respectful to other people and their property.
  6. 6.      Be positive!


Homework/ Classwork Policy:

Students who are submitting late work (due to absence) have one day, or one day for each day absent (whichever is greater), to submit work unless the teacher determines there are extenuating circumstances which necessitate an extension.  It will be a best practice for students to make up tests within a school week of the original assigned date unless the teacher determines there are extenuating circumstances which necessitate an extension. 


Intervention and Remediation:

The focus of instruction should be on getting students to achieve their full learning potential.

  • When students demonstrate a lack of proficiency on standards they must receive intervention(s), which may lead to assessment retakes or alternative assignments.
  • When students demonstrate a lack of mastery on standards they may receive intervention(s) that require them to attend office hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week. Office hours take place during the first thirty minutes of the lunch period on the four assigned days listed above.
  • Each 9 week grading period, students shall have the opportunity to retake at least one summative assessment. All retakes require that the student attend office hours for intervention assistance on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday in order to retake a test during office hours.  Additional retakes shall be determined based upon individual student data.


Grading Practices:

Students and parents need timely and accurate feedback in order to effectively monitor learning progress.

  • Best practice: Grade book should be updated weekly (except in the case of extensive assignments or unusual circumstances).
  • When a student’s score on a retake is less than the original score, the higher score should be used. Scores should not be averaged.

Letter grades are a reflection of the student’s level of academic achievement on the courses’ performance standards as defined in the high school curriculum guides/maps. The following grade scale shall be used to determine a letter grade and the following quality point system shall be used to determine grade point average and honor roll:


Grade   Range

Quality   Points





Outstanding   Progress (Mastery)




Above   Average Progress




Average   Progress (Proficiency)




Lowest   Acceptable Progress







    In progress toward grade level   proficiency

    in skills and concepts


Class Participation:

All students are expected to take an active part in the learning environment of the classroom.  This means coming to class on time and being prepared to learn.


Academic Dishonesty:

The Volusia County School Board’s Code of Student Conduct has defined Academic Dishonesty as a level II offense.  Academic Dishonesty is defined as “Dishonesty, such as cheating, plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing false information to the school district.  Such behavior may result in reduction in grades, classroom discipline as determined by the instructor, suspension or expulsion from school and/or school activities including student organizations”.